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22 Mar

Episode 44

Welcome to another podcast, and again you have had to wait two months. I am making no promises on when the next one will arrive as it would be a wild guess. I’ve had a spark of energy lately though so we shall see if it lasts.

I hope you all enjoyed the solar eclipse last week, we had a brilliant view of it here in Dundee and I managed to get some nice shots of it with my camera. Not processed them properly yet but it was just a nice experience being out there in the sunshine, watching such a rare occurrence unfold. Anyway, on with the music.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, as every feel free to leave comments.

Download here, or press play.

1. Billy Liar – All I’ve Got
2. Ghostpoet – X Marks The Spot
3. Ruf Dog – Joanna
4. Grimes – REALiTi
5. Courtney Barnett – Dead Fox
6. The Prettiots – Boys (I Dated In High School)
7. Rachel Trachtenburg – I Like To Be Alone

09 Nov

Episode 42

Well roughly keeping on track with the podcast, only just over two weeks since the last one. Certainly better than the months between the last few ;o) Now let’s hope I can keep going.

Enjoy and let me know what you think, here on facebook or twitter.

Download here, or press play.

1. Sharon Van Etten – Every Time The Sun Comes Up
2. Deer – Between Cans
3. Saint Saviour – James
4. The Do – Despair, Hangover and Ecstacy
5. Slutever – Blah Blah Blah
6. Sam Starian – Fat Lava
7. Cheap Girls – Style

21 Oct

Episode 41

Welcome back, it’s been a while but hopefully this is me back. We will see how it goes. I had started putting together a podcast for the World Cup, with different bands for each of the countries. I’d done most of the groups but I just never got round to putting it all together. It would have been great as well, oops.

As I write this I just noticed that I have the same Mogwai track in consecutive podcasts, I am so professional. Fuck it, it’s been that long that nobody will notice right?

So yeah, no more blabbing from me. Here’s the podcast, enjoy.

Press play to listen:

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1. Boduf Songs – Everyone will let you down in the end
2. Mogwai – Remurdered
3. Mark McCabe – Catch the Wind
4. Honeyblood – Killer Bangs
5. Atari Teenage Riot – J1M1
6. Sleater Kinney – Bury Our Friends
7. 50 Foot Wave – St Christopher

21 Jan

Episode 39

It’s been a long time since the last post, my apologies. Hopefully you will enjoy the return and hopefully this will give me the kick I need to start listening to more music again.

Here’s the link to the youtube video that I mention in the podcast, watch and enjoy. It will make you smile and maybe even want to dance a little.

Well that’s enough blabbering by me, here’s the podcast and the tracklisting.

Press play to listen:

Click to download.

1. Mogwai – Remurdered
2. Angel Haze – Rose Tinted Suicide
3. MIA – attention
4. Pharrel v Northern Soul – Happy
5. Los Campesinos – What Death Leaves Behind
6. Johnny Foreigner – Le Sigh
7. Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks – Independence Street

23 Jun

Episode 38

Work has been busy the last few weeks and it’s catching up with me, but at least I have managed to cobble together a podcast roughly on time. It’s not just music this time either, there is a poem included as well but it’s possibly only relevant to us living in Scotland. I hope it’s thought provoking anyway.

To listen press play,

Or download from here.

1. Colour Me Wednesday – Shut
2. Letters to Fiesta – Mesophere
3. Mumbo Taxi – Happy Claire
4. Ben MacPherson – To The Undecided – Should Scotland Become an Independent Country
5. Mo – Waste of Time
6. Louisiana Red – Lightin Monday

06 Jun

Episode 37

I’m tired and this is already 2 weeks late so I’m keeping this short, that’s probably for the best as the music is always better than my ramblings anyway.

All the music this week is based around bands from Scotland or gigs in Dundee over the next week or so, so please do follow up on any of the music that you like and support the local scene.

Rusty Hip Collective can be found on facebook, Kage can be found here, and the bands can be found by looking in Bandcamp. Easy yes?

Enjoy and see you again soon (hopefully).

Press play here:

Download from here.

1. Quickbeam – Mountains
2. Luca – Morning After
3. Little Anchors – My Grandfather was a Projectionist
4. The Strangers Almanac – Those Tremendous Mountains
5. Vasquez – Pete’s Eagle
6. Eagleowl – It’s So Funny

13 Apr

Episode 36

I’m not going to apologise for the lateness of the podcast as it should just be a given that it comes out late, I wish I had a way to remember what day/week/month/year it was but alas there doesn’t seem to be anything in existence that can help me.

Anyway, here are six new tracks and a few warblings by me that I hope you like. Please leave comments on here, facebook, or via twitter if you you like as it is always nice to hear from listeners.

See you again in a couple of weeks (well, in roughly two weeks anyway).

Press play here,

Download from here.

1. Frank Turner – Good and Gone
2. The Deer Tracks – Lazarus
3. Supercute! – Dumb Dumbs
4. Giant Drag – Dennis the Pennis
5. Lana Del Rey – Chelsea Hotel No 2
6. British Sea Power – Machineries of Joy

21 Mar

Episode 35

I can still never think of anything to write in this here piece, it’s like why do you want to read my ramblings when you’re going to have to listen to them for half an hour anyway? In fact does anyone even read this or do you all just jump straight to the play/download button? Wait, if you do jump past this you won’t be reading it and therefore won’t answer, argh it’s like the question of does a falling tree make a sound if nobody is around in the forest. Brain explodes thinking about this.

Ok that’s a long ramble about nothing, certainly not music anyway so I am going to love you and leave you and just say you can leave comments on twitter, facebook, or right below the track listings. I hope you enjoy and see you again soon.

Play here:

or download from here.

1. Magnolia Electric Co. – Leave the City
2. Edwyn Collins – Too Bad (That’s Sad)
3. Vladimir – Untitled
4. The Knife – A Tooth for an Eye
5. Immortal Technique – The 4th Branch
6. Kate Nash – Rap for Rejection

28 Feb

Episode 34

Greetings one and all to another episode of the slideintomyhand podcast, I hope you are all well. It’s been a good month for live music, with trips to see Raime and Female Band who are both featured in this months pod at the DCA, and then through to Glasgow to see Shambles Miller, Dave Hughes and the Renegade Folk Punk Band, and Jim Lockey and the Solemn Suns. A great gig it was as well.

As ever the pod is all over the place with it’s genre’s but that’s what is great with music, you don’t have to love just one type and grow bored and insular within a single scene. So I hope the jumps aren’t too jarring and you get some enjoyment from it. Feel free to leave some comments either here, over on facebook or on twitter. See you all again soon.

Press play here,

or download from here.

1. Raime – The Last Foundry
2. Female Band – Rain Song
3. Brodka – Dancing Shoes
4. AC Newman – Do Your Time
5. Milk & Biscuits – White Noise
6. The You Are Minez – Sweet Honey Time

11 Feb

Episode 33

I really should start thinking about more interesting things to write in these introductions to the podcast, I mean surely they set the scene and can entice new people into the podcast? It’s a shame then that I’m not much of a writer, which is why I try and do short and sweet podcasts and let the music do the talking. Wait, does that sound corny as fuck?

Ach well, it’s now written and I’m not going to change it. Anyway, here is the latest episode of this here podcast which includes 6 more amazing tracks and some babble by me. I hope you enjoy it, feel free to leave comments here, on facebook, or on twitter.

See you again in two weeks.

Press play here,

Or download from here.

1. The Thermals – Born to Kill
2. Low Litas – New Kills
3. Sooner the Sunset – Long After I’m Gone
4. Mogwai – What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?
5. Solvent – Themogene
6. Edward Scissortongue – Rosegarden