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28 Mar

Episode 24

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Welcome to episode 24 of the podcast, a Bruce Springsteen special to celebrate his ace new album Wrecking Ball. There’s a mix of songs from throughout his career, including covers and live versions so I hope you enjoy.

I’ve used his keynote speech from SXSW to link into some of the tracks as I didn’t want to talk too much and show my ignorance.

So yeah, click here to listen

And download from here.

1. Wrecking Ball (live at Giants Stadium)
2. Human Touch
3. Youngstown
4. Atlantic City
5. Radio Nowhere
6. Streets of Philadelphia
7. This Is Your Land
8. Death to my Hometown
9. Oh, Pretty Woman (sung with Roy Orbison)
10. Chimes of Freedom
11. Mrs McGrath
12. Dancing in the Dark