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04 Jan

Episode 21

Wow here we are in a New Year and into my “3rd year” of recording (that’s slightly cheating as I did only start mid-2010, but stats can be used how we want them right?). I hope you all had a great festive period and welcomed 2012 in with style? I managed till 4am which is good going, especially with those whisky and bourbon shots.

This is a bit of a tidy up episode as I’ve included tracks from 2011 that I’ve not been able to include before. There’s still plenty left as well so we shall have to see how 2012 goes before working out if I can sneak any of them in.

So yeah, sit back, pour yourself your drink of choice, and enjoy.

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Download from here.

1. Escort – Cocaine Blues
2. EMA – Milkman
3. Danielson – Lil Norge
4. Johnny Foreigner – Electricity vs the Dead
5. Kimya Dawson – Same Shit Complicated
6. Dave Hughes – Dancing Two-Step
7. Darren Hayman – The Ship’s Piano
8. J.Mascis – Circle
9. Marianne Faithfull – Gee Baby
10. Bright Eyes – Haile Salassie
11. 65daysofstatic – Burial Scene
12. Ryan Adams – I love you but I don’t know what to say

02 Dec

Episode 5

Greetings to the December slideintomyhand podcast, where the snow is falling outside and everyone is getting the Xmas feeling. Oh wait, you mean everyone is getting pissed off with not being able to leave the house and soon there will be mass murders? Maybe I should just have done a Nick Cave themed podcast to theme it all, or just put up The Road soundtrack.

But anyway back to the important matter of new music, hope you enjoy all, or at least some, of the tracks on this here podcast as I’ve painstakingly spent hours listening to new music to make sure you only get the best. Leave comments if anything inspired pops into your head.

I apologise for the couple of ruffles on the mic during the podcast, hopefully in the new year I will get a proper microphone set up to do the podcast but for some reason the laptop one was playing up a little and I didn’t realise till too late.

I mention a couple of other websites in the podcast, first there is Scrawls and Bawls, you can email him your top 5 tracks of the year for a festive 50 countdown. And Aye Tunes is also doing a bunch of lists for the year as well.

Will be doing a special Xmas episode so see you again before Santa comes. Sxx

Download by right clicking and saving here.

1. Salem – Asia
2. Gallows – Black Eyes
3. Les Savy Fav – Excess Eneergies
4. Pretty Lights – Out of Time
5. Holy Fuck – Dr Dr E
6. Glasser – Home
7. Spirituals – Emoto
8. Goonies Never Say Die – Dance Parasites of the Dysfunctional Mindset
9. Ida Maria – 10000 Lovers
10. Women’s Basketball – Hold Me, Fuckers
11. 65daysofstatic – PX3
12. amiina – Mambo
13. Dumb Blonde, Dead – On The Tarmac
14. Burns Unit – Send Them Kids to War
15. MIA – Meds & Feds