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21 Jan

Episode 39

It’s been a long time since the last post, my apologies. Hopefully you will enjoy the return and hopefully this will give me the kick I need to start listening to more music again.

Here’s the link to the youtube video that I mention in the podcast, watch and enjoy. It will make you smile and maybe even want to dance a little.

Well that’s enough blabbering by me, here’s the podcast and the tracklisting.

Press play to listen:

Click to download.

1. Mogwai – Remurdered
2. Angel Haze – Rose Tinted Suicide
3. MIA – attention
4. Pharrel v Northern Soul – Happy
5. Los Campesinos – What Death Leaves Behind
6. Johnny Foreigner – Le Sigh
7. Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks – Independence Street

29 Jan

Episode 32

Greetings one and all to another slideintomyhand podcast, my second of 2013 and full of new and fabby music. I hope you enjoy it.

Please feel free to leave comments on this here page, or find me on facebook or twitter by searching for slideintomyhand. Easypeasy.

Press play to listen,

Or download from here.

1. MC Frontalot – Nerdlife
2. Angel Haze – Cleaning Out My Closet
3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Earth
4. Villagers – Nothing Arrived
5. Low – Just Make It Stop
6. Ed Harcourt – Murmour in my Heart