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25 Sep

Episode 1

My first ever podcast, hopefully it won’t be hated too much. Please feel free to pass on and promote as you guys all know more people than I do ;o)

I know there are a few mistakes, bleeps, errors etc but these will hopefully be ironed out as I get used to speaking and playing with the software. I know I sound cheesy at times but hey, that’s me.

So enjoy kids and let me know what you think.

1. Swim until you can’t see land – Frightened Rabbit
2. I’ve got a secret – Kate Nash
3. It is happening again – Blood Red Shoes
4. Jerusalem – The Indelicates
5. 10 mile stereo – Beach House
6. Afraid of Everyone – The National
7. I want you back – The School
8. One Each – Anna Rose
9. Wooder Star – beneath us, the waves
10. Shallow Water Blackout – Locsil