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08 Nov

Episode 29

Another apology for there being a two month gap between podcasts, this time I really mean it when I say it won’t happen again. Now I better start listening to lots of new music and preparing for next month.

There’s not much more to say, so have a good month and enjoy the music. Apologies for the utter nonsense spoken between the tunes.

To play, click here:

Or download from here.

1. And you will know us by the trail of dead – Catatonic
2. Maybeshewill – Farewell Sarajevo
3. Green Day – Stay the Night
4. Franz Nicolay – The Heart of Boston
5. Dave Hughes and the Renegade Folk Punk Band – As You Are
6. Corin Tucker Band – Neskowin
7. Silversun Pickups – Mean Spirited
8. Gaslight Anthem – National Anthem
9. Pussy Riot – Kill the Sexist
10. Flying Lotus – Ting Tortures
11. Bat for Lashes – Laura
12. Nils Frahm – me

05 Mar

Episode 23

Welcome to Episode 23 of slideintomyhand, I hope you are enjoying life and looking forward to another selection of tunes picked by yours truly. There are some real crackers this month, including a couple picked by folk troubadour Dave Hughes. Both are crackers so you are in for a treat.

Well it’s getting late so I will keep this short but sweet, you can find Dave Hughes all over the internet but wherever you choose to follow him look out for an announcement of a new tour tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed he comes to a venue near you.

For next month I will be doing a Bruce Springsteen special as I want to celebrate his fantastic new album, so if you have a favourite track of his please feel free to let me know what it is and why and you will probably be included in next month’s show. Cool eh?

Well here is the latest pod cast, just press play

Whilst you can download from here.

1. Sly Stone – Everyday People
2. DJ Format – Mr DJ
3. Errors – Magna Encarta
4. Twilight Sad – Not Sleeping
5. Mischief Brew – Roll Me Through The Gates of Hell
6. Sinead O’Connor – Back Where You Belong
7. Bonnie Prince Billy & Mariee Sioux – Not Mocked
8. Mark Lanegan Band – Riot In My House
9. Pulled Apart By Horses – Shake off the Curse
10. Emma Hallows – Sams Floor
11. Speech Debelle – The Problem
12. Air – Moon Fever

04 Jan

Episode 21

Wow here we are in a New Year and into my “3rd year” of recording (that’s slightly cheating as I did only start mid-2010, but stats can be used how we want them right?). I hope you all had a great festive period and welcomed 2012 in with style? I managed till 4am which is good going, especially with those whisky and bourbon shots.

This is a bit of a tidy up episode as I’ve included tracks from 2011 that I’ve not been able to include before. There’s still plenty left as well so we shall have to see how 2012 goes before working out if I can sneak any of them in.

So yeah, sit back, pour yourself your drink of choice, and enjoy.

Click play to listen

Download from here.

1. Escort – Cocaine Blues
2. EMA – Milkman
3. Danielson – Lil Norge
4. Johnny Foreigner – Electricity vs the Dead
5. Kimya Dawson – Same Shit Complicated
6. Dave Hughes – Dancing Two-Step
7. Darren Hayman – The Ship’s Piano
8. J.Mascis – Circle
9. Marianne Faithfull – Gee Baby
10. Bright Eyes – Haile Salassie
11. 65daysofstatic – Burial Scene
12. Ryan Adams – I love you but I don’t know what to say

22 Oct

Last Year’s Girl

Blatant plug for my fake little sister.

“Bloggers putting on gigs? It’ll never catch on…” – AYE TUNES.

Maybe not – but I’m determined to give it a go anyway. You should come. Not just because I’ll be out a fair bit of money if you don’t, but also because it’s going to be pretty brilliant.

The Old Hairdresser’s, Renfield Lane (opp. Stereo), Glasgow
Friday 2nd December 2011, 8pm

Franz Nicolay has the face of a villain, but the heart of a vaudevillian. He specialises in moustaches, raconteuring and the sort of antiquated instruments such as banjo, accordion and musical saw it’s pretty awkward to get through customs. He has played with a few bands you may have heard of (The Hold Steady, Against Me!, Guignol, The World/Inferno Friendship Society), and released two albums of solo material that are even better. If you want to see him make a third one, you could contribute to his Kickstarter pledge drive. He feels as weird about it as you do.

Brighton-based Chris T-T tried to be a political songwriter, but Billy Bragg said he didn’t exist so he went back to writing about bunny rabbits instead. Sorry, what? That was a song about communism, you say? You might have seen him set the works of AA Milne to music at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, or joined in one of his acts of civil disobedience through the use of social media (#IAmSpartacus). He is currently working on his eighth album of original material.

Dave Hughes plays folk music without the scarves, handclaps or tambourines. Before buying a car he pretty much invented the Megabus tour, which is the only explanation for that time he ended up playing to a hen party in Birmingham He does not sound like Ed Sheeran, and does not get offended if you describe his performance as “ramshackle” with or without his Renegade Folk Punk Band. His latest release is the six-track Despite the Blackout EP, on Corporate Records.

The Old Hairdressers is a small independent arts centre run by the same people who run Stereo, situated across from its big sister venue on Renfield Lane. It doesn’t like to make a habit of hosting musical events, but some people can be pretty persuasive. And it turns out they’re just as excited about this one as we are.

Last Year’s Girl is a legal journalist by day and a superstar music blogger by night. She’s been famous on the internet since 1999; longevity she puts down to a combination of cake, Springsteen, cheesy iPhoneography and talking about intimate waxing in too much detail.

More information: or @lastyearsgirl_. Tickets available from Brown Paper Tickets. Tell me you’re coming on Facebook!

*It has been suggested this event receives the alternative billing of Does Franz Know It’s Lis-Mas? For some reason, I don’t think it will catch on, Jules…