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06 Jun

Episode 37

I’m tired and this is already 2 weeks late so I’m keeping this short, that’s probably for the best as the music is always better than my ramblings anyway.

All the music this week is based around bands from Scotland or gigs in Dundee over the next week or so, so please do follow up on any of the music that you like and support the local scene.

Rusty Hip Collective can be found on facebook, Kage can be found here, and the bands can be found by looking in Bandcamp. Easy yes?

Enjoy and see you again soon (hopefully).

Press play here:

Download from here.

1. Quickbeam – Mountains
2. Luca – Morning After
3. Little Anchors – My Grandfather was a Projectionist
4. The Strangers Almanac – Those Tremendous Mountains
5. Vasquez – Pete’s Eagle
6. Eagleowl – It’s So Funny

30 Oct

Episode 4

So another month and another podcast, aren’t you a lucky bunch eh?

Amazed I am still able to get this done considering I seem to be walking around like a zombie most of the time as my body is not designed for getting up at 6am and being stuck on buses for 3 hours a day ;o( But hey, I have an Indelicates gig to look forward to this week so that will make everything ok again.

I apologise now for the dead air in the middle of this podcast, I could have started again from scratch but I’m a lazy wee get and didn’t. Just be glad Chris D’Burgh or Michael Bolton or somebody didn’t suddenly burst in to fill the gap.

Well I hope you enjoy, have a great Halloween (I nearly wrote easter there, tells you everything about my mental capacity I think) and don’t get too scared by the ghosts and the ghouls.

Download by right clicking and saving here.


1. Frank Turner – Thatcher Fucked the Kids
2. Amongst the Pigeons – Doing the Pigeon
3. Radioclit v GnR – Sweet Secousse of Mine (BSS Mix)
4. Seapony – Dreaming
5. Zoe Keating – Optimist
6. Winter sleep – Black Camera
7. Anna Rossi – Crushing Limbs
8. Ital Tek – Moon Bow
9. Darren Hanlon – If Only My Heart Were Made of Stone
10. The Strange Death of Liberal England – Autumn
11. Nils Frahm & Anne Mueller – Show Me Your Teeth
12. Eaglowl – Into the Fold (Toad Sessions)
13. Clogs – Last Song