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13 Apr

Episode 36

I’m not going to apologise for the lateness of the podcast as it should just be a given that it comes out late, I wish I had a way to remember what day/week/month/year it was but alas there doesn’t seem to be anything in existence that can help me.

Anyway, here are six new tracks and a few warblings by me that I hope you like. Please leave comments on here, facebook, or via twitter if you you like as it is always nice to hear from listeners.

See you again in a couple of weeks (well, in roughly two weeks anyway).

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1. Frank Turner – Good and Gone
2. The Deer Tracks – Lazarus
3. Supercute! – Dumb Dumbs
4. Giant Drag – Dennis the Pennis
5. Lana Del Rey – Chelsea Hotel No 2
6. British Sea Power – Machineries of Joy

04 Dec

Episode 20

As we enter the final few weeks of the year the usual question arises of where did it go? Time does seem to flying by yet I don’t be seem to be achieving what I want to, hmmmm. But let’s not be downbeat as Hogmanay is nearly upon us, and you can’t be miserable as you enter a New Year. That is illegal.

This month brings you a bunch of new tracks that hopefully you will love and cherish, well hopefully at least one track at least anyway.

Anyway, enjoy December and have a fun Xmas and a drunken New Year. See you on the other side.

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1. David Lynch – Pinky’s Dream
2. The Give It Ups – Whatever Happens Happens
3. Matric – Sick Muse (Maur Due and Lichter Remix)
4. Frank Turner – Magazines
5. Lana Del Rey – Video Games Remix
6. Lowkey – Blood, Sweat and Tears (feat. Klashnekeoff)
7. Cloaks – #00148
8. To Destroy A City – Narcotic Sea
9. Faust – Something Dirty
10. Joy and Revolution – Stuck in Your Wrap
11. My Dad vs Yours – Against Tide and Wind
12. This Mortal Coil – Song to the Siren
13. Sinead O’Connor – House of the Rising Sun

01 May

Political Special

So this is a special podcast since there are a bunch of elections in the UK on 5th May, I’ve themed it so all the songs are political, whilst there are a few speeches dotted throughout, a bit of Bill Hicks, and a couple of mini rants by me. It is everything you wanted to be listening to as you walked to the polling booth on Thursday, how could you have voted without it?

So, here are the twitter feeds you should be following: PennyRed, NewStatesman, NaomiKlein, DaleFarm, Mehdi Hassan, UKUncut, Michael Moore, Republic Staff, tenderhooligan, JohannHari, FalseEcon, Peter Tatchell, Shelter. Apologies if any of the spellings are wrong but if you search for them you will find them. All have a cool political message so follow and learn.

Blogs: New Statesman, Znet, moreapologies, Scottish Roundup, and jay stringer. All good informative reads, there’s more but it’s late at night and I’m falling asleep.

So listen here:

And download here.

Bruce Springsteen
1. Gill-Scott Heron – The Revolution will not be Televised
2. Asian Dub Foundation – Fortress Europe
Kanye West
3. Atari Teenage Riot – Destroy 2000 Years of Culture
Lyndon Johnson
4. Radiohead – Electioneering
5. The Clash – White Riot
6. NWA – Fuck the Police
George Galloway
7. Sleater Kinney – Combat Rock
Bill Hicks
8. Frank Turner – Thatcher Fucked the Kids
9. Manic Street Preachers – Natwest-Barclays-Midlands-Lloyds
Malcolm X
10. Nina Simone – Mississippi Goddam
Martin Luther King
11. Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit
12. Billy Bragg – O Freedom
13. The Levellers – Liberty Song
Nelson Mandela

30 Oct

Episode 4

So another month and another podcast, aren’t you a lucky bunch eh?

Amazed I am still able to get this done considering I seem to be walking around like a zombie most of the time as my body is not designed for getting up at 6am and being stuck on buses for 3 hours a day ;o( But hey, I have an Indelicates gig to look forward to this week so that will make everything ok again.

I apologise now for the dead air in the middle of this podcast, I could have started again from scratch but I’m a lazy wee get and didn’t. Just be glad Chris D’Burgh or Michael Bolton or somebody didn’t suddenly burst in to fill the gap.

Well I hope you enjoy, have a great Halloween (I nearly wrote easter there, tells you everything about my mental capacity I think) and don’t get too scared by the ghosts and the ghouls.

Download by right clicking and saving here.


1. Frank Turner – Thatcher Fucked the Kids
2. Amongst the Pigeons – Doing the Pigeon
3. Radioclit v GnR – Sweet Secousse of Mine (BSS Mix)
4. Seapony – Dreaming
5. Zoe Keating – Optimist
6. Winter sleep – Black Camera
7. Anna Rossi – Crushing Limbs
8. Ital Tek – Moon Bow
9. Darren Hanlon – If Only My Heart Were Made of Stone
10. The Strange Death of Liberal England – Autumn
11. Nils Frahm & Anne Mueller – Show Me Your Teeth
12. Eaglowl – Into the Fold (Toad Sessions)
13. Clogs – Last Song