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22 Mar

Episode 44

Welcome to another podcast, and again you have had to wait two months. I am making no promises on when the next one will arrive as it would be a wild guess. I’ve had a spark of energy lately though so we shall see if it lasts.

I hope you all enjoyed the solar eclipse last week, we had a brilliant view of it here in Dundee and I managed to get some nice shots of it with my camera. Not processed them properly yet but it was just a nice experience being out there in the sunshine, watching such a rare occurrence unfold. Anyway, on with the music.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, as every feel free to leave comments.

Download here, or press play.

1. Billy Liar – All I’ve Got
2. Ghostpoet – X Marks The Spot
3. Ruf Dog – Joanna
4. Grimes – REALiTi
5. Courtney Barnett – Dead Fox
6. The Prettiots – Boys (I Dated In High School)
7. Rachel Trachtenburg – I Like To Be Alone