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30 Aug

Episode 16

Hello and welcome to episode 16 of slideintomyhand. This episode was recorded whist still in Scotland but I think it will finally be released upon the world whilst I am over in France, wherever I am I hope you get some enjoyment from it.

It is a return to some newer music, although I haven’t been listening to too much new stuff over the last few weeks due to other commitments but hopefully there are some tunes you haven’t heard before which can get you excited.

The next episode will be done back down in Dundee when I am back at University for my final year, scary, before hopefully becoming a social worker. Even scarier.

Have a happy month, feel free to leave comments and promote the site around wherever you can.


You can listen here,

and download from here.

1. Cut Chemist – The Audience is Listening Theme Song
2. Rage Against the Machine – Street Fighting Man
3. 50footwave – Nobody’s Tar, Nobody’s Feathers
4. Planning to Rock – Doorway
5. Eleanor Friedberger – My Mistakes
6. Aiden Moffat and The Best-Ofs – I Got You Back
7. Patrick Wolf – The Future
8. Herman Dune – Lay Your Head on my Chest
9. Anni Rossi – Candyland
10. CSS – Hits Me Like a Rock
11. Bjork – Crystalline
12. Arnold – Rabbit
13. She & Him – Oh Boy

24 Apr

Episode 11

So we’ve got to Episode 11 already for slideintomyhand and I think that’s quite good considering I never normally stick to anything. It doesn’t fit in with a monthly count so number 12 won’t be my anniversary (will need to think about a theme for that, argh what could I do?), but it will be a themed episode with the Scottish elections coming up as well as the referendum on the British voting system, but that’s not for a couple of weeks so let’s talk about the current episode instead shall we?

We have a special guest Milo McLaughlin contributing a couple of tracks to this months podcast, he writes the excellent Clear-Minded Creative website which has loads of great articles about being creative and is generally a good bloke who I only ever seem to talk to when he’s drunk (so I don’t know if he is nice when he’s sober come to think of it?), which makes him sounds like a drunken bum but as he’s getting married next month I am sure he isn’t. I hope all goes well on the big day and you have an amazing honeymoon in the Big Apple.

My voice starts of a little strange on this one, and had to go back and do some editing as was trying to write this at the same time as do the last couple of tracks, stupid Steve, so I hope it comes out ok. Well I hope you enjoy it and do please leave some feedback as feeling very unloved, till next time kids.

Listen to it here,

And download from here.

1. TV on the Radio – Repetition
2. The Babies – Breakin’ the Law
3. Starfucker – Born
4. Edwyn Collins – What is my Role
5. Acid House Kings – I Just Called to Say Jag Alskar Dig
6. Gold Panda – Like Totally
7. Burial & Four Tet & Thom Yorke – Ego
8. Kryptic Minds – The Things They Left Behind
9. Herman Dune – Take Him Back to New York City
10. My Little Pony – Breakup with Myself
11. Care Bears on Fire – Five Minute Boyfriend