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04 Feb

Episode 22

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of slideintomyhand, I hope you have all had a wonderful 2012 so far. It’s been ok here in sunny Dundee (although I say that with the wettest day of the year happening outside, humph) so I have no complaints.

This month we have a wonderful special guest in Lis (aka lastyearsgirl) introducing a couple of great tracks of her choice which is cool, so a big thanks to her. Go visit her site and be enlightened, challenged, and introduced to new music. Look out for more special guests in the coming months.

Apart from that the show is your usual mix of tunes and me waffling, there are two glaring errors which are my fault (or the red wines). First off, got mixed up between Lis’ new and old tracks when I wrote down the order so sorry about that. And I can’t read my own handwriting and Lindstrom’s track is Deja Vu (my u looked like an a). I am so professional it is scary.

So listen here,

And download from here.

1. Miacca – I’ve Got A Boyfriend Now
2. Colour Me Wednesday – Holiday From Your Life
3. First Aid Kit – King of the World
4. Jenny Owen Youngs – Voice on Tape
5. The Horrible Crowes – Behold the Hurricane
6. Emma Ruth Rundle – Goteborg
7. Boy – This Is The Beginning
8. Malcolm Middleton – School Dances
9. Lindstrom – Deja Vu
10. Luke Haines – Big Daddy Got A Casio VL Tone
11. Mi & L’au – Faces
12. KRS-One – What it is/outro

30 Oct

Episode 19

Hello and welcome to episode 19 of slideintomyhand, can’t quite believe I’ve got that far. Should I celebrate number 20, or have a 21st party?

This month we have a guest contribution from my friend Karl Handy who offers an old track and new(ish) track that he loves, if you want to be included in a future podcast email me or leave a comment below.

We also promote a gig by Lastyearsgirl that is in Glasgow on 2nd December at the Old Hairdressers, follow this link here and book tickets and attend. You’ll have a chance to shake my hand and hug Lastyearsgirl, what more incentive do you need? Oh, the music is ace as well as she’s booked Franz Nicolay, Chris T-T and Dave Hughes.

And finally here is the promised video for the Erato song that is lighting up the internet with its greatness, I hope you enjoy it as much as me.


Well that’s all for this month, have a good one and I will see you all in December. Wow, where did the year go?

Listen here,

And download from here.

1. Erato – Call Your Girlfriend
2. Franz Nicolay – Felix and Adelita
3. Ecomag – I Need A Dollar
4. Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers – Buzz Buzz Buzz
5. Wild Flag – Something Came Over Me
6. Atari Teenage Riot – Black Flag
7. Dolfinz – Whatever, Forever
8. Frightened Rabbit – Scottish Winds
9. Bonnie Prince Billy – We Are Unhappy
10. Half Man Half Biscuit – Rock and Roll is full of Bad Wools
11. Frank Musik – 3 Little Words
12. Sleepmakeswaves – our time is short but your watch is slow

03 Oct

REM Special

This is a special podcast that I had to make, a normal edition will come out next week but I could not allow the very sad demise of REM go without a dedicated show. This band meant so much to me over the years, it was the first real band that I attached myself to as a teenager and Automatic for the People helped me through my teenage years. Teenage angst eh?

I haven’t spoken too much through the whole thing as I wanted to fit in a song from each album, most of which are my choice but there are also selections from Last Years Girl and Tidal Wave of Indifference. It is still a little longer, around an hour twenty, apologies. I hope that doesn’t put you off.

I also apologise for my voice sounding a little weird, but I was aware of my housemate already being in bed in the room next to mine so I had to lower my tone.

As an addition, my mate Karl got in a memory of REM too late for inclusion, as I was recording the episode as he tweeted me. But he remembers ‘It’s the end of the world as we know it’ playing at my London leaving night. We were at a club in Angel called Feeling Gloomy that was ace fun, I don’t think my friends knew I could dance so much. Grainne tweeted asking if she was there, I think that says everything about what was drunk that night ;o)

So what are your REM memories? Let me know in the comments section. I loved this band so I hope you love the podcast. Goodbye Michael, Bill, Mike and Peter.

Listen here,

And download from here.

1. Wolves, Lower
2. We Walk
3. Letter Never Sent
4. Green Grow the Rushes Grow
5. Cuyahoga
6. Exhuming McCarthy
7. Orange Crush
8. Country Feedback
9. Nightswimming
10. Tongue
11. Leave
12. Walk Unafraid
13. Imitation of Life
14. I Wanted to be Wrong
15. Until The Day is Done
16. Discoverer