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04 Feb

Episode 22

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of slideintomyhand, I hope you have all had a wonderful 2012 so far. It’s been ok here in sunny Dundee (although I say that with the wettest day of the year happening outside, humph) so I have no complaints.

This month we have a wonderful special guest in Lis (aka lastyearsgirl) introducing a couple of great tracks of her choice which is cool, so a big thanks to her. Go visit her site and be enlightened, challenged, and introduced to new music. Look out for more special guests in the coming months.

Apart from that the show is your usual mix of tunes and me waffling, there are two glaring errors which are my fault (or the red wines). First off, got mixed up between Lis’ new and old tracks when I wrote down the order so sorry about that. And I can’t read my own handwriting and Lindstrom’s track is Deja Vu (my u looked like an a). I am so professional it is scary.

So listen here,

And download from here.

1. Miacca – I’ve Got A Boyfriend Now
2. Colour Me Wednesday – Holiday From Your Life
3. First Aid Kit – King of the World
4. Jenny Owen Youngs – Voice on Tape
5. The Horrible Crowes – Behold the Hurricane
6. Emma Ruth Rundle – Goteborg
7. Boy – This Is The Beginning
8. Malcolm Middleton – School Dances
9. Lindstrom – Deja Vu
10. Luke Haines – Big Daddy Got A Casio VL Tone
11. Mi & L’au – Faces
12. KRS-One – What it is/outro

01 Aug

Episode 15 – Football Special

Hello and welcome to episode 15 of slideintomyhand, I’m sure that is two episodes in a row I have pronounced it wrongly on the podcast. You’d think I could get the name of my podcast correct wouldn’t you?

Anyway, it’s a football theme this month so there is a lot of chat about football, but the music is mainly by indie and rock bands so there should be something to enjoy for the non-footie fans (philistines as they are more commonly known) amongst you.

I mentioned a few things in the podcast, so here is some info about subbuteo, Mark E Smith reading out the Final Scores, James McFadden’s wonder goal against France, and the march to the stadium before that game.

Well I hope you enjoy the podcast, and good luck to you and your teams for the season ahead, unless you are an old firm/dundee/millwall/crystal palace/roma/arsenal/birmingham city fan.

So play here, .

and download here.

1. Dundee United – It’s United
2. Fedde Le Grand – Put Your Hands Up For Detroit
3. Teenage Fanclub – Kickabout
4. Charlton – Red Red Robin
5. Skids – Into the Valley
6. Charlton – Valley Floyd Road
7. Billy Bragg – God’s Footballer
8. Half Man Half Biscuit – All I Want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague Away Kit
9. Tartan Specials – We’ll Be Coming
10. Proclaimers – 500 Miles
11. Luke Haines – Leeds United
12. The Fall – Kicker Conspiracy
13. Mogwai – Hugh Dallas