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21 Oct

Episode 41

Welcome back, it’s been a while but hopefully this is me back. We will see how it goes. I had started putting together a podcast for the World Cup, with different bands for each of the countries. I’d done most of the groups but I just never got round to putting it all together. It would have been great as well, oops.

As I write this I just noticed that I have the same Mogwai track in consecutive podcasts, I am so professional. Fuck it, it’s been that long that nobody will notice right?

So yeah, no more blabbing from me. Here’s the podcast, enjoy.

Press play to listen:

Click to download.

1. Boduf Songs – Everyone will let you down in the end
2. Mogwai – Remurdered
3. Mark McCabe – Catch the Wind
4. Honeyblood – Killer Bangs
5. Atari Teenage Riot – J1M1
6. Sleater Kinney – Bury Our Friends
7. 50 Foot Wave – St Christopher

23 Jun

Episode 38

Work has been busy the last few weeks and it’s catching up with me, but at least I have managed to cobble together a podcast roughly on time. It’s not just music this time either, there is a poem included as well but it’s possibly only relevant to us living in Scotland. I hope it’s thought provoking anyway.

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Or download from here.

1. Colour Me Wednesday – Shut
2. Letters to Fiesta – Mesophere
3. Mumbo Taxi – Happy Claire
4. Ben MacPherson – To The Undecided – Should Scotland Become an Independent Country
5. Mo – Waste of Time
6. Louisiana Red – Lightin Monday

28 Feb

Episode 34

Greetings one and all to another episode of the slideintomyhand podcast, I hope you are all well. It’s been a good month for live music, with trips to see Raime and Female Band who are both featured in this months pod at the DCA, and then through to Glasgow to see Shambles Miller, Dave Hughes and the Renegade Folk Punk Band, and Jim Lockey and the Solemn Suns. A great gig it was as well.

As ever the pod is all over the place with it’s genre’s but that’s what is great with music, you don’t have to love just one type and grow bored and insular within a single scene. So I hope the jumps aren’t too jarring and you get some enjoyment from it. Feel free to leave some comments either here, over on facebook or on twitter. See you all again soon.

Press play here,

or download from here.

1. Raime – The Last Foundry
2. Female Band – Rain Song
3. Brodka – Dancing Shoes
4. AC Newman – Do Your Time
5. Milk & Biscuits – White Noise
6. The You Are Minez – Sweet Honey Time

01 Jul

Episode 27 – The Old Gold Special

Welcome to episode 27 of the slideintomyhand where I have tried something new and decided to interview someone and allow them to choose all the music, I hope you get as much enjoyment listening to it as we did recording it. The special guest is my friend Jay Stringer and he talks about his ace new book that is coming out on 24th July, Old Gold, along with music that is important to him and that has links to his writing. It’s a bit like Desert Island Discs but without the production values.

You can play the podcast by pressing play here:

Or by downloading from this link.

There’s quite a lot of information and links mentioned in the podcast so here they are for easy reference.

Jay can be found on twitter @JayStringer, whilst Eion Aaron Miller, the main character from the book, can be found @OldGoldNovel

The soundtrack that we mention is on spotify and can be listened to by clicking here (you will need to download Spotify for it to play), but please listen to my podcast first as there is a lot worth listening to.

For a taster of Jay’s writing you can get Faithless Street for the Kindle. It’s a collection of short stories based in the world of Old Gold and is available for free till 2nd July, or a measly 99c or 77p after then.

Old Gold is released on 24th July and can be pre-ordered from Amazon in paperback and for the Kindle, and in paperback at The Book Depository.

Finally, sign up to Jay’s newsletter by visiting his website where you will get lovely messages and joyful news straight into your inbox.

Thanks for listening and reading, please let me know how you thought it went as it was an interesting experiment and I would like to know what you thought of it.

1. Joan Beaz – Joe Hill
2. Carter Unstoppable Sex Machine – RSPCE
3. Hamell on Trial – When Bobby Comes Down
4. Tom Waits – Heartattack and Vine
5. Carina Round – Let It Fall
6. 8-bit Ninjas – Shiny Spaceship
7. Swami – Hooked and Addicted
8 Flaming Lips – Bad Days

22 Jun

Summer Mix

I am doing a special podcast next month where someone else will be picking all the songs (help!), so to make sure you kids don’t miss out on a bunch of tunes picked by me I thought I would knock together a summer mix that you can listen to in this lovely sunny weather (ahem). Somehow it got completely out of control and I ended up with 80+ tracks to pick from, this is not unusual for me but I thought that was way too many to shove up here. So instead I decided to do a two-sided tape/vinyl mix. Side One is called Summer Days and is a little bouncier and dancey, and then Side Two is a little more chilled and for listening to as the sun sets and you are winding down from a fun day.

I hope you enjoy them, let me know.

Side A, press play here:

Side B, press play here:

Download Side A and Side B

Side A: Summer Days

Cut Chemist – The Audience Is Listening Song
Pop Will Eat Itself – Dance Of The Mad Bastards
MGMT – Kids
Junior Senior – Happy Rap
Annie – Chewing Gum
Sugababes – Push The Button
Lily Allen – LDN
Help She Can’t Swim – My Own Private Disco
CSS – Let’s Make Love And Listen To Death From Above
Bis – Kandy Pop
Kenickie – Punka
Operation Please – It’s A Song
Smoosh – Rad
The Pipettes – Pull Shapes
Black Kids – I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance
Miacca – I’ve Got A BF Now
Weezer – Buddy Holly
Placebo – Nancy Boy
The Thermals – How We Know
Freudian Slip, Nelson Can, Echo Me – Video Games (Lana Del Rey cover)

Side B: Summer Nights

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – Coma Girl
The White Stripes – You’re Pretty Good Looking For A Girl
Fountains of Wayne – Radiation Vive
Blondie – The Tide Is High
Be Your Own Pet – Adventure
Robyn – Who’s That Girl
Errors – Magna Encarta
David Holmes & Free Association – Don’t Rhyme No Mo
Primal Scream – Kowalski
David Bowie – Let’ Spend The Night Together
Bruce Springsteen – Girls In Their Summer Clothes
Marvin Gaye – I Heard It Through The Grapevine
The School – Baby Won’t You Stay With Me Tonight
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – (Love Is Like A) Heatwave
Diana Ross & The Supremes – Stop In The Name Of Love
Crystals – Then He Kissed Me
Guillemots – Trains To Brazil
First Aid Kit – King Of The World

02 May

episode 25

Another month, another pod of great music from yours truly. Yay.

This month is one of celebration as I have just finished University, Charlton Athletic are to be awarded a trophy for being brilliant, and generally it is a new beginning which can only offer lots of great opportunities. Bring it on.

So yeah, I hope you enjoy the podcast. I enjoyed making it but I may be a little bit biased. Feel free to leave comments, and follow me on twitter @slideintomyhand. Bounce bounce bounce.

Press play to listen here,

Download from here.

1. Daphne and Celeste – School’s Out
2. Jack White – On and On and On
3. The King Blues – 5 Bottles of Shampoo
4. Spiritualized – Freedom
5. Leonard Cohen – Different Strokes
6. Animal – Burning Leaves
7. Rabbit! – Go For It
8. The Weeknd – DD
9. Nicki Minaj – Roman Holiday
10. Pelican – Ataraxia
11. te –
12. pg.Lost – Sheaves

05 Mar

Episode 23

Welcome to Episode 23 of slideintomyhand, I hope you are enjoying life and looking forward to another selection of tunes picked by yours truly. There are some real crackers this month, including a couple picked by folk troubadour Dave Hughes. Both are crackers so you are in for a treat.

Well it’s getting late so I will keep this short but sweet, you can find Dave Hughes all over the internet but wherever you choose to follow him look out for an announcement of a new tour tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed he comes to a venue near you.

For next month I will be doing a Bruce Springsteen special as I want to celebrate his fantastic new album, so if you have a favourite track of his please feel free to let me know what it is and why and you will probably be included in next month’s show. Cool eh?

Well here is the latest pod cast, just press play

Whilst you can download from here.

1. Sly Stone – Everyday People
2. DJ Format – Mr DJ
3. Errors – Magna Encarta
4. Twilight Sad – Not Sleeping
5. Mischief Brew – Roll Me Through The Gates of Hell
6. Sinead O’Connor – Back Where You Belong
7. Bonnie Prince Billy & Mariee Sioux – Not Mocked
8. Mark Lanegan Band – Riot In My House
9. Pulled Apart By Horses – Shake off the Curse
10. Emma Hallows – Sams Floor
11. Speech Debelle – The Problem
12. Air – Moon Fever

04 Feb

Episode 22

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of slideintomyhand, I hope you have all had a wonderful 2012 so far. It’s been ok here in sunny Dundee (although I say that with the wettest day of the year happening outside, humph) so I have no complaints.

This month we have a wonderful special guest in Lis (aka lastyearsgirl) introducing a couple of great tracks of her choice which is cool, so a big thanks to her. Go visit her site and be enlightened, challenged, and introduced to new music. Look out for more special guests in the coming months.

Apart from that the show is your usual mix of tunes and me waffling, there are two glaring errors which are my fault (or the red wines). First off, got mixed up between Lis’ new and old tracks when I wrote down the order so sorry about that. And I can’t read my own handwriting and Lindstrom’s track is Deja Vu (my u looked like an a). I am so professional it is scary.

So listen here,

And download from here.

1. Miacca – I’ve Got A Boyfriend Now
2. Colour Me Wednesday – Holiday From Your Life
3. First Aid Kit – King of the World
4. Jenny Owen Youngs – Voice on Tape
5. The Horrible Crowes – Behold the Hurricane
6. Emma Ruth Rundle – Goteborg
7. Boy – This Is The Beginning
8. Malcolm Middleton – School Dances
9. Lindstrom – Deja Vu
10. Luke Haines – Big Daddy Got A Casio VL Tone
11. Mi & L’au – Faces
12. KRS-One – What it is/outro

30 Aug

Episode 16

Hello and welcome to episode 16 of slideintomyhand. This episode was recorded whist still in Scotland but I think it will finally be released upon the world whilst I am over in France, wherever I am I hope you get some enjoyment from it.

It is a return to some newer music, although I haven’t been listening to too much new stuff over the last few weeks due to other commitments but hopefully there are some tunes you haven’t heard before which can get you excited.

The next episode will be done back down in Dundee when I am back at University for my final year, scary, before hopefully becoming a social worker. Even scarier.

Have a happy month, feel free to leave comments and promote the site around wherever you can.


You can listen here,

and download from here.

1. Cut Chemist – The Audience is Listening Theme Song
2. Rage Against the Machine – Street Fighting Man
3. 50footwave – Nobody’s Tar, Nobody’s Feathers
4. Planning to Rock – Doorway
5. Eleanor Friedberger – My Mistakes
6. Aiden Moffat and The Best-Ofs – I Got You Back
7. Patrick Wolf – The Future
8. Herman Dune – Lay Your Head on my Chest
9. Anni Rossi – Candyland
10. CSS – Hits Me Like a Rock
11. Bjork – Crystalline
12. Arnold – Rabbit
13. She & Him – Oh Boy

01 Aug

Episode 15 – Football Special

Hello and welcome to episode 15 of slideintomyhand, I’m sure that is two episodes in a row I have pronounced it wrongly on the podcast. You’d think I could get the name of my podcast correct wouldn’t you?

Anyway, it’s a football theme this month so there is a lot of chat about football, but the music is mainly by indie and rock bands so there should be something to enjoy for the non-footie fans (philistines as they are more commonly known) amongst you.

I mentioned a few things in the podcast, so here is some info about subbuteo, Mark E Smith reading out the Final Scores, James McFadden’s wonder goal against France, and the march to the stadium before that game.

Well I hope you enjoy the podcast, and good luck to you and your teams for the season ahead, unless you are an old firm/dundee/millwall/crystal palace/roma/arsenal/birmingham city fan.

So play here, .

and download here.

1. Dundee United – It’s United
2. Fedde Le Grand – Put Your Hands Up For Detroit
3. Teenage Fanclub – Kickabout
4. Charlton – Red Red Robin
5. Skids – Into the Valley
6. Charlton – Valley Floyd Road
7. Billy Bragg – God’s Footballer
8. Half Man Half Biscuit – All I Want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague Away Kit
9. Tartan Specials – We’ll Be Coming
10. Proclaimers – 500 Miles
11. Luke Haines – Leeds United
12. The Fall – Kicker Conspiracy
13. Mogwai – Hugh Dallas