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21 Oct

Episode 41

Welcome back, it’s been a while but hopefully this is me back. We will see how it goes. I had started putting together a podcast for the World Cup, with different bands for each of the countries. I’d done most of the groups but I just never got round to putting it all together. It would have been great as well, oops.

As I write this I just noticed that I have the same Mogwai track in consecutive podcasts, I am so professional. Fuck it, it’s been that long that nobody will notice right?

So yeah, no more blabbing from me. Here’s the podcast, enjoy.

Press play to listen:

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1. Boduf Songs – Everyone will let you down in the end
2. Mogwai – Remurdered
3. Mark McCabe – Catch the Wind
4. Honeyblood – Killer Bangs
5. Atari Teenage Riot – J1M1
6. Sleater Kinney – Bury Our Friends
7. 50 Foot Wave – St Christopher

19 May

Don’t make me fall out of love

This blog is stolen from NPR, which in turn was linked from lastyearsgirl, but I couldn’t resist.

1. Band You Really Thought You Had Something With — They Said They’d Call But You Never Heard From Them Again

My mind escapes me but I’m pretty sure my record collection is littered with bands that look like they are going to be amazing and then just drift away never to be heard of again, including those that produce a couple of singles which the great British public ignore because they are thick as fuck, come forward Chicks for example, and wouldn’t know good music if it hit them round the head with a cricket bat (in fact can I do that to people who have tastes I don’t agree with, please?).

I’d want to try and argue Jeff Buckley, but not sure if blaming his death for not calling is very PC really, so I’m going to go with Ultrasound, especially as they split up the same day I was due to see them at a festival….selfish bastards.

2. Your Best Friend’s Girlfriend Or Boyfriend You Secretly Want To Hook Up With

I follow the blogs of my friends as I am most of you do and they constantly name bands that you hope are cool as they sound so interesting and you trust your friends judgements on so many things, but alas they can sometimes disappoint and just now the band that does that the most is FOUND. They sound so interesting, exciting and seem to have all the ingredients which I should click with, but I listened to the album and there was nothing. I will give it another go though just in case.

3. The Rebound: Bands You Start To Date After Everyone Else Is Through With Them

I’m struggling with this one which makes it sound like I am boasting and always on the mark with new and upcoming bands, not missing a single cool new act (which is actually the case, but anyway), ugh. I could argue TV on the Radio as I didn’t really get the first album for whatever reason, but now I love their latest whereas everyone seems to think they have gone commercial and are rubbish. Again, they would be wrong.

4. Band You Broke Up With, Then Got Back Together

This would have to be Green Day, after their first few albums were so amazing (come forward Dookie and Insomniac), they produced the completely dull and uninspired Nimrod and Warning, before finally coming back with American Idiot and blowing us all away again (we’ll ignore the part with me falling out with them again following the release of 21st Century Breakdown).

5. Band That Broke Up With You

The article I stole this from lists the obvious current one, The White Stripes. A band I thought would continue for ever and continue to surprise me with something exciting and full of energy every few years. Instead they have left us with all of Jack White’s offshoots that are just boring 70s music for men.

Also important are Sleater Kinney, leaving after a great album and seemingly still full of great tunes, but out of the exit door they walked without thinking of the pain it might cause us kids.

01 May

Political Special

So this is a special podcast since there are a bunch of elections in the UK on 5th May, I’ve themed it so all the songs are political, whilst there are a few speeches dotted throughout, a bit of Bill Hicks, and a couple of mini rants by me. It is everything you wanted to be listening to as you walked to the polling booth on Thursday, how could you have voted without it?

So, here are the twitter feeds you should be following: PennyRed, NewStatesman, NaomiKlein, DaleFarm, Mehdi Hassan, UKUncut, Michael Moore, Republic Staff, tenderhooligan, JohannHari, FalseEcon, Peter Tatchell, Shelter. Apologies if any of the spellings are wrong but if you search for them you will find them. All have a cool political message so follow and learn.

Blogs: New Statesman, Znet, moreapologies, Scottish Roundup, and jay stringer. All good informative reads, there’s more but it’s late at night and I’m falling asleep.

So listen here:

And download here.

Bruce Springsteen
1. Gill-Scott Heron – The Revolution will not be Televised
2. Asian Dub Foundation – Fortress Europe
Kanye West
3. Atari Teenage Riot – Destroy 2000 Years of Culture
Lyndon Johnson
4. Radiohead – Electioneering
5. The Clash – White Riot
6. NWA – Fuck the Police
George Galloway
7. Sleater Kinney – Combat Rock
Bill Hicks
8. Frank Turner – Thatcher Fucked the Kids
9. Manic Street Preachers – Natwest-Barclays-Midlands-Lloyds
Malcolm X
10. Nina Simone – Mississippi Goddam
Martin Luther King
11. Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit
12. Billy Bragg – O Freedom
13. The Levellers – Liberty Song
Nelson Mandela